Vintage Wall Mirrors for the Home

Vintage wall mirrors are the ideal way to add a vintage or retro touch to your interior space. Mirrors have been an essential part of decorating throughout the centuries from the ornate Venetian styles to the sunburst mirrors of the sixties. Always a captivating design feature mirrors are more than decoration, they are also functional pieces of décor.

Mirrors in History

Vintage wall mirrors in CheltenhamThousands of years ago, mirrors were created by polishing natural substances and metal to a reflective sheen. While it is likely these early mirrors were used for signalling purposes using the sun to reflect flashes of light or just to light fires, they no doubt were used for vanity reasons as well! As mirrors evolved over the centuries, glass became the main material, while the reflective qualities of the mirror were produced from coatings especially formulated for the purpose. Mirrors were health hazards at one point as mercury was used for the coating, before moving on to a much safer silvering process.

While the manufacturing methods of creating mirrored surfaces have changed through history, vintage wall mirrors serve the same timeless purpose as they did in ancient times. The vintage wall mirror is a desirable object and the chipping, unevenness and fading of vintage mirror glass adds to the vintage charm, although it is also possible to have mirrors re-silvered if that is your choice. A well-used vintage wall mirror should give off an air of nostalgia and reflect times past.

Function and Form

Vintage mirrors are not only decorative and an interesting feature in any room but also provide a function. Many vintage wall mirrors have different types of mirror glass from the rose coloured glass of art deco days to bronze and gold effects, which give a different perspective. Convex and concave mirrors can give a very different view to someone viewing the looking glass.

Vintage wall mirrors have a place in any room. In a small bathroom, a vintage mirror can help to give the impression that the room is bigger than it is by reflecting light. It also performs a valuable function for people to look at for shaving, applying make up and brushing hair.

A popular place to hang mirrors is over the mantelpiece and in the hallway. The mirror over the mantelpiece draws attention and makes the room look larger than it is, most likely discovered when windows were very small back in the day and a mirror gave more of a sense of space. The hallway mirror whether it is an oval gilt vintage style above a hall or pier table or a full-length art nouveau style is commonplace. It gives the residents of the hoe the opportunity to check the way they look before answering the door to visitors or before leaving the home. Often vintage wall mirrors are integrated into hallway stands with coat hooks where umbrellas are stored, coats are hung, and there is storage for a clothes brush to smarten up before leaving the house.

Vintage Wall Mirrors in Store

A vintage mirror can nostalgically pinpoint a moment in time and blend seamlessly into a traditional, classical décor or as a foil to an ultra contemporary scene. For example our wonderful sunburst mirror that we have in store is a versatile piece that looks at home in a retro sixties themed room or as the centrepiece in a very contemporary setting. Either way looks right and blended into the surroundings.

We also stock stand alone full-length mirrors from various periods and these items are used functionally or to occupy a position in the room as a decorative feature giving the impression of more light and space.

Never worry that a mirror shows signs of age, it is all part of the charm of vintage wall mirrors. Some have authentically distressed mirror frames where perhaps the gilt has dulled and faded, and scratches have revealed the wood underneath. Carved elaborate wooden frames look beautiful and to obtain the mirror of your dreams, it is sometimes possible to find vintage picture frames that can be adapted to surround a mirror instead of a painting. This is a great idea that blends old and new.

Our stock of vintage wall mirrors is always changing and we pride ourselves on having an eclectic selection with different kinds of mirror to suit anyone looking for a retro or vintage feel to their homes. We would love you to visit and see what we have on offer, and even if you cannot visit in person, our online shop is a friendly place where you can browse. We ship everywhere so do contact us if there is something that catches your eye.

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