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Vintage shopping onlineEveryone loves shopping and aficionados of vintage style love nothing more than taking on the challenge of visiting shops to unearth the perfect vintage find. In fact, some people find vintage shopping irresistible! So irresistible in fact that not satisfied with trawling through shops far and wide, boot sales, garage sales, charity stores and auctions, vintage lovers also do their vintage shopping online. Many an evening is whiled away looking at online trading gazettes and classified advertisements as well as on vintage collectors forums and of course the many vintage traders who have an online presence to complement their shops.

Nothing is more entertaining than researching a vintage object online or tracking down a hard to find vintage piece. Perhaps you are missing a cup and saucer from a tea set or you want some genuine vintage Gucci loafers or a particular sixties piece of furniture. All can be found online and then a purchase made via one of the online payment services or you can take a trip to the store advertising the object and buy in person. There are treasures to be found everywhere and online shopping broadens the scope of objects to be found and if your particular interest is in memorabilia from the Far East, USA or old Soviet Union, you can be sure of finding exactly what you are seeking. It is certainly addictive and many vintage enthusiasts burn the midnight oil having just one more peek on ebay or browsing through some of their favourite online vintage stores. Of course vintage shopping online can be conducive to the odd impulse purchase and before you know it – whoops! Just bought a jukebox from Milwaukee – how did that happen?

While vintage shopping online offers a wealth of goods on offer, it is also a place where it is possible to be conned if you are not careful. This is why we recommend having a relationship with a local vintage shop whom can advise you on your purchases or even source them for you. You then have the satisfaction of knowing you are buying a genuine article with a known provenance at the right price as well. You can take your time to make sure the purchase suits you and the location and many vintage shop owners will be glad to help you and exchange an item if it does not suit you.

The best reasons to go vintage is for cost savings, especially if you are thinking of upcycling any furniture. In our shop we have a beautiful selection of upcycled and re-painted furniture that bring a new dimension to home furnishing. You may be lucky and find some furniture for a project but when buying online, you cannot see the piece and will not be able to check for repairs or damage or even woodworm in wooden furniture. Most vendors are helpful and honest online but there is always the odd one or two which is why any significant purchases should be sourced through a reputable vintage expert shop for your peace of mind.

Vintage home accessories and ornaments sometimes take on a new life with judicious cleaning and some elbow grease and often if you want to purchase online and take a chance, these types of pieces are great to cut your teeth on without spending too much money. Odd pieces of glassware or ceramics can really make a statement when used in the home to contain flowers or fruit. Sometimes, a whole new use for everyday objects can be thought of.

Do go online and check out some resources for vintage objects but do not forget to visit our website to see if we have something to suit you. We can offer you a virtual cup of tea and a biscuit if you order from us online and guaranteed safety. If you visit us you have a choice of tea and coffee with your biscuits, so come and meet us. We look forward to sharing some novel ideas with you and look forward to hearing yours. We are passionate about our vintage and retro objects and we are sure that you will be too when doing your vintage shopping online with us!

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