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Vintage Posters such as Toulouse Lautrec's Chat Noir are very popularVintage posters or prints can be the ideal finishing touch to your home decor. Displayed well in a quality frame, vintage posters are eye catching and a conversation piece for visitors. Displayed well in and eye catching location in a room, a vintage poster can say a lot about your taste and interests.

The late 1970’s were a good year for posters (a vintage year you might say!) as they were very popular and many people began to collect posters of a particular kind. Many lovers of vintage posters collected a particular theme and there was much interest in posters featuring the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Jules Cheret. Art deco prints also saw a rise in popularity at the time. These years saw great activity in the sales and purchase of all kinds of vintage posters. At that time, many vintage poster collectors demonstrated a lot of interest in artistic posters, such as those created by French artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The art deco style was also very popular.

Movie posters of the vintage era are now vintage posters in their own right and are a serious acquisition for movie buffs and collectors of film memorabilia. The term vintage for posters means that the poster may be a true original from bygone years or it captures the mood or essence of the era in style. The subject matter of vintage posters and prints is vast ranging from advertisements to stylish artwork. French subject matter was very “du jour” at one time and perhaps because France in the seventies was epitomised as the sophisticated culture of the time, posters became popular. The Moulin Rouge is a popular choice with other variations on the sophisticated theme with vintage posters depicting skiing in Chamonix, travel posters from Nice and Cannes, old Air France travel posters, Vogue magazine covers and café posters. Bicycles were another popular subject for this kind of poster.

Many travel posters were beautifully photographed or painted and these became very popular as poster art as did portrayals of cats, vintage sports cars, political imagery and many more.

More vintage poster art comes from the world of rock and roll with concert posters, especially the rarer ones becoming central forms of art. Some of the iconic images from the days of rock concerts are now highly sought after by collectors.


The value of posters is dictated somewhat by the popularity of the subject matter. Some subjects for posters are influenced by the time period they were created. Popularity also depends on the personal interests of the collector. Car enthusiasts are more likely to seek out old vintage car posters, while movie buffs or travel lovers will seek out posters of this kind.


As with all collectible items, a limited edition print or a one of a kind item is often very expensive. Where prints are signed and numbered, it is easier to estimate the collectability of the poster. When purchasing a rare or costly poster, it is important to do as much research as possible to check the provenance of the piece – the same as if you were contemplating any art purchase. Consulting an expert is always wise and we are always willing to discuss any queries you may have. There are also different techniques that determine to an extent the age of a print. For instance, prints created prior to the 20th century were made using a complex technique called stone lithography. This type of print is likely to be hard to come by, as they were not produced in any quantity

Poster Condition

Poster condition will reflect in the price. When a print has been well cared for the colours will be bright and without signs of wear and tear. They will usually have been preserved and carefully framed. Sometimes a more distressed looking poster that maybe has fold marks or some light wear and tear may be what someone is looking for aesthetically to suit a particular theme, so there is a market for all condition posters.

We offer a selection of carefully chosen vintage posters and look forward to showing them to you. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality and something a little bit different, so pay us a visit soon, or browse our website.

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