Vintage Living Room Ideas

Vintage living room ideasVintage living room ideas cover a broad spectrum that takes us on a journey through the last century. Transforming a living room to create a vintage vibe can add wow factor, without needing a huge investment. This design style can be a real money saver as well as giving you the “thrill of the chase” hunting down the perfect accessory for your look. The right colours, textures, furnishings, and layout will give you a wonderful vintage look economically – just right for the times at the moment!

From the vintage era, it is important to pick a time that appeals to you. The acknowledged vintage/retro period is from 1940 to 1980 and most people will have a preference for the different designs from each period. There is nothing wrong with mixing it up and many vintage living room ideas show an eclectic mix of different periods combined with contemporary pieces. Approach your design with caution though as it is important to have a look that suits you and your home. If you are fortunate enough to live in a vintage home, some of the original features such as fireplaces, doors and other ornamental features can be the focus of your vintage look.


A key area for your vintage living room ideas is colour. An ultimate vintage look needs the right colour palette. Neutrals are a great backdrop and gold and silver for accent can work well depending on the vintage period look you are creating. An aged look is desirable so make sure gold and silvers are dulled. Chrome if used has a lustre and shine of its own. Muddy colours are typically vintage, especially if you use different tones and shades to carry the eye line from one area of the room to the next. Faded shades in off white, battle ship and elephant grey, soft pink in faded hues look wonderful. These colours as an anchor point for wallpaper set the whole look off perfectly. The colours will accommodate a 70’s bold print or 50’s pastel wallpaper beautifully.


It is not essential to buy expensive furnishings or furniture. Great vintage furniture can be found in second hand shops and specialist vintage stockists who often can source a particular piece of furniture for you. We have many items of furniture, furnishings, and accessories from all periods in the vintage timeline and can find unusual pieces for you or even restore and repair. Our website shows some of the beautiful and affordable items such as end tables, night stands and chests of drawers are just some items of furniture that may be used to advantage for a vintage living room. Remember key pieces will achieve the look and little collections of vintage accessories look charming. For example a vintage shelf with a collection of 1950’s Italian Murano glass animal figures is quirky yet eye catching.

More vintage living room ideas advocate the use of accessories to give just a flavour of a vintage look. A crochet blanket handmade from different coloured wool evokes a vintage feel when draped over the back of an armchair and vintage record players or wirelesses are focal points yet not overwhelming in the room. One simple yet quick transformation is the use of artwork on the walls. Many vintage prints popular in the fifties and sixties can be obtained easily from charity and vintage shops often in original frames for added authenticity. The colours of artwork that was contemporary at the time are useful indicators of colour as well. Many people remember the brown and oranges of the seventies with these two colours featuring in everything from carpet to kitchen accessories. The fifties had softer pastel colours and the colours of kitchen items varied from buttermilk, pink, soft blue and green giving plenty of scope for colour accents.


Another way to add a hint of vintage to your living room is to look out for interesting storage items. Old steamer trunks (hopefully with some old Cunard line stickers); hatboxes, leather suitcases, and baskets are practical and add a colonial feel to the room space. Multi tasking storage such as ottomans or old chests give you plenty of options.

We all love a touch of nostalgia and owning a few items that remind you of childhood days that may even be family heirlooms give meaning to a vintage décor. Sourcing vintage items is fun and there is real pleasure in finding a bargain piece when putting your vintage living room ideas into practice.

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