Vintage Hand Painted Furniture

An Item of Vintage our Hand Painted FurnitureVintage hand painted furniture reflects a current trend to describe painted furniture pieces from the vintage and retro periods, customising them for a bespoke look in every home. Vintage furniture was mass-produced so there is plenty of it available to be up cycled for a new purpose. Naturally enough, we do not recommend making over rare and antique furnishings of known provenance as this could destroy the value of an unusual piece. Much furniture produced between the wars was of a utilitarian nature making it ideal to customise or available in quantity.

At Vintage Retro here in Cheltenham we have an in house painter who specialises in customising vintage pieces for sale in the shop. We can also customise your own piece of vintage furniture. While painting is the most often used technique, other techniques such as decoupage are also popular, especially using vintage magazines or periodicals. Take a look at this decoupage coffee table we have for sale that uses vintage “Private Eye” magazines as the main feature. The table will make a fabulous conversation piece in any vintage themed room and when the conversation dries up; you can always read the magazines! This cleverly constructed piece of furniture has both artistic value and fabulous looks to grace any home.

Dark wooden furniture is the ideal candidate for hand painting and the end result is a unique, hard wearing, solid item that looks good and fits with your individual theme. Items in store that have been carefully hand painted using different techniques include some older pieces that would be considered antique. These older pieces of furniture would have been reproduced en masse at the time and now make the most exquisite items for the home given the high quality of the workmanship. For instance we have in store an 18th century carved and hand painted bureau that is restored to former glory with a twist that enables it to grace any part of the home blending with themed or contemporary décor alike.

The beauty of hand painted vintage furniture is affordability. Compared to new furniture prices there are bargains to be had and furnishing a home will cost far less than a trip to Ikea (and consist of one off pieces). It really depends on what you are looking for to suit your home. We are able to hand paint pieces to order in the colour of your choice. We can supply the furniture or it may be a piece you have come upon yourself in your vintage quest for home décor. Either way, we are flexible and versatile and our in house painter can interpret your vision exclusively for you.

Browsing through our store online or in person (a cup of tea and a chat is one of our favourite things with our customers) you will see the beauty that brings vintage furniture that may otherwise be forgotten gaining a new lease of life. There is no limit to what can be painted or have a treatment, bedroom furniture (check out our retro dressing tables), wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressers, sideboards, plate shelves are forever popular with our customers.

The expert treatments on our furniture pieces are achieved by careful preparation and the right paint techniques. All furniture is checked for any woodworm before painting and any repair work carried out. It is then time for the artistic flow to begin as can be seen by our chest of drawers with a striped paint pattern that we are particularly proud of and this design can be adapted to a furniture piece of your own if you wish.

Vintage hand painted furniture can bring a real sense of the traditional and contemporary depending on the room setting and can be just the thing to add a central focus to a room. We think it is far nicer to take on the custodianship of an older piece of furniture rather than buy new. It is recycling at its best and it is great to think that someone who once loved these furnishings and bought them new is passing them on to a new generation.

Call us and come and enjoy our display of vintage hand painted furniture and other beautiful vintage and retro items.

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