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Retro Decorating Ideas

Retro style covers a few decades of different styles popular in the last century. Any interior decorating theme that incorporates trends, styles and objects is described as retro and many retro decorating ideas are influenced in particular from the 1950’s, 60’s and now 70’s. Any further back and you are treading the path of vintage, […]

Vintage Retro shop window

A Beginners Guide to Vintage, Retro and Upcycled

Many people are confused between whether something is retro, antique, upcycled or vintage when it comes to home wares, furniture, objet d’art, wall art, knick-knacks, fabrics, and décor. Confusingly, an object or style of décor can comprise of some or all of these styles resulting in an object or décor style described as upcycled antique […]