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This vintage Philips radiogram hasn’t been tested so I can’t vouch that it is in working order. It seems as though everything is intact. The case shows a few signs of wear but generally in good condition for its age.

Vintage TV Logo

Vintage TV

Vintage TV was launched on 1st September 2010 and quickly established itself as the music-lover’s TV channel of choice for more than 500,000 regular weekly viewers. After three years,Vintage TV has more than tripled its following. It produces more than 25 hours of original programming each month, filming both 20th century music artists as well […]

Vintage shopping online

Vintage Shopping Online

Everyone loves shopping and aficionados of vintage style love nothing more than taking on the challenge of visiting shops to unearth the perfect vintage find. In fact, some people find vintage shopping irresistible! So irresistible in fact that not satisfied with trawling through shops far and wide, boot sales, garage sales, charity stores and auctions, […]

What is retro? Madonna & Mick Jagger? Or are they just antique?

What is retro, vintage and antique?

It is quite amazing how quickly the years slip by and when style and fashion comes around again being described as vintage or retro, you know you are getting old or as we like to put it here at Cheltenham Vintage Retro, maturing into middle youth! It is shocking sometimes when you hear a song […]

Vintage wall mirrors in Cheltenham

Vintage Wall Mirrors for the Home

Vintage wall mirrors are the ideal way to add a vintage or retro touch to your interior space. Mirrors have been an essential part of decorating throughout the centuries from the ornate Venetian styles to the sunburst mirrors of the sixties. Always a captivating design feature mirrors are more than decoration, they are also functional […]

Vintage Posters such as Toulouse Lautrec's Chat Noir are very popular

Vintage Posters for Sale

Vintage posters or prints can be the ideal finishing touch to your home decor. Displayed well in a quality frame, vintage posters are eye catching and a conversation piece for visitors. Displayed well in and eye catching location in a room, a vintage poster can say a lot about your taste and interests. The late […]

An Item of Vintage our Hand Painted Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Furniture

Vintage hand painted furniture reflects a current trend to describe painted furniture pieces from the vintage and retro periods, customising them for a bespoke look in every home. Vintage furniture was mass-produced so there is plenty of it available to be up cycled for a new purpose. Naturally enough, we do not recommend making over […]

Vintage living room ideas

Vintage Living Room Ideas

Vintage living room ideas cover a broad spectrum that takes us on a journey through the last century. Transforming a living room to create a vintage vibe can add wow factor, without needing a huge investment. This design style can be a real money saver as well as giving you the “thrill of the chase” […]

A shabby chic/modern kitchen

Combining Shabby Chic and Modern

Mixing retro styles with modern looks is very on trend just now and a popular decorating style. Some people may have mid 20th century legacy furniture that they want to fit into their homes and others may like the retro style but not want to create a total retro look. An eclectic mix of retro […]

vintage decorating ideas

Retro Decorating Ideas

Retro style covers a few decades of different styles popular in the last century. Any interior decorating theme that incorporates trends, styles and objects is described as retro and many retro decorating ideas are influenced in particular from the 1950’s, 60’s and now 70’s. Any further back and you are treading the path of vintage, […]